That's Me

I'm Dom Patmore.
I can help you level up your confidence and skills in web development.

Recent Writings

PSA: Treat Your Website Like Your Teeth

Teeth and websites have a lot in common-they're one of the first things people notice about us. So why don't we care for our websites the same we care for our teeth? More

Tip: Before You Copy-Paste That Next Line of Code....

We've all been there-a looming deadline, a bug you've been staring at for so long long you swear it's multiplied, or what you thought was an easy fix has now eaten up half your weekend. You search for answers through GitHub repos and StackOverflow. You find something that might just work, hit CTRL-C, paste into your project. As if by magic, all your problems have disappeared, and you sit back in your chair thinking "I've done it". But have you? More
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