PSA: Treat Your Website Like Your Teeth

Research shows that a smile is the first or second thing someone looks in a potential partner, and it's hard to smile wide without teeth. They speak volumes - they tell us if a smile is genuine, what's present - or missing, and gives us a sense of how much self-care someone invests. If eyes are windows into the soul, teeth let you peek into the body. Oral hygiene is important and it's why regular check-ups are essential.

Our websites act as our digital teeth-it invites people close, and reveals something about us and our company. However, over time, our digital smile can weaken, change colour,and parts can even go missing. Like teeth, it's important to get website check-ups regularly.

But I Don't Have Time...

Two words: root canal. Most are avoidable-your mouth doesn't wake up one morning wanting pain for hours (mine doesn't at least). It's the accumulation of months of missed checkups and upkeep on them chompers-eventually they just give out. Funny thing is that now you find that time, because the pain demands it. The lesson? We all have time, the question is where you want to spend it.

When Is Good?

If you're looking after your teeth (which you should), you probably have a yearly exam. Why not have a yearly website 'exam'? Sit down with your developers and stakeholders over teeth-friendly food and drink and identify:

  • What did we add/remove this year?
  • Is the messaging the same?
  • What are our users saying?
  • Is this inline with our goals?
  • Where are the problem areas?

Like a checkup, doing this at least once a year will allow you to highlight resolves niggling issues that could end up becoming digital root canals. Most importantly, it will keep you digital smile healthy and shining bright.